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What is Quicken data access guarantee?

Quicken (quicken.com) is the most user-friendly accounting software as it cares much about the user’s data and privacy. If the user cancels the Quicken membership at any point of time, then he/she doesn’t need to bother about the data stored in Quicken, as it offers complete back up of the user’s data whenever they want to take a backup. The Quicken data access guarantee allows the user to generate a copy of the user data whenever they want to.

What is Quicken cloud accounting?

The Quicken cloud accounting refers to the remote accessibility of the Quicken accounting software from multiple devices. Let’s make it simpler to understand, this implies that the Quicken accounting can be done remotely through the cloud storage. The Quicken cloud accounting allows the wireless devices like the smartphones and tablets etc. to get access to the Quicken accounting software from anywhere at any instance of time.

What happens to the data of existing Quicken membership plan if I upgrade to the latest one?

The data stored in your existing Quicken membership plan will automatically get backed up to the next membership plan. This happens due to the backup option available in the QuickBooks accounting software. Quicken always takes the backup of the user’s data with every update on it. Therefore, the users don’t need to worry about their personal data as it is always backed up and duplicated or triplicated so that the user doesn’t face the data loss in any case.

What are the available platforms to use the Quicken accounting tool?

The Quicken accounting tool can be used on one of the following below mentioned platforms.

  • Quicken mobile application quicken.com
  • Quicken desktop application (Windows/Mac)


When is the Quicken membership supposed to be expired?

Quicken plans (quicken.com) come with a one year or two-year subscription plan. The Quicken membership gets automatically expired after its specific tenure. The user can also cancel or opt out of their Quicken membership whenever they want to. There is absolutely no compulsion in keeping the membership. The data stored in the Quicken accounting tool is also backed up and the client can download the copy of the data by accessing the Quicken tool.

Can we back up our data through the Quicken cloud?

No, the Quicken cloud does not support the backup of the user’s data. The primary functionality of the Quicken cloud is to make Quicken accessible on the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. The Quicken cloud thus enables the users to access their accounting data remotely from a wireless device. It synchronizes the data between the devices and updates the data with each consecutive step.

What should I do if some data is missing on my Quicken mobile application?

Although this issue happens in rarest of the rare case, still if this issue comes to your notice, then do the following operation with your Quicken mobile application.

  • First of all, verify if you are using the correct Quicken ID because you need to be logged in to the same Quicken ID as that of Quicken online or Quicken desktop version.
  • Then navigate to the Edit>preferences and then Quicken ID and mobile alerts.
  • Sign out of your Quicken ID and sign in to the Quicken ID again.
  • Verify if the issue has been resolved or not.

Does Intuit Quicken release the regular updates on its products?

Yes, Quicken Intuit releases the updates on their products regularly. The new and latest features get added to the software automatically when you update the software from the Windows or Mac or through the mobile application play stores.

How to reset the login ID or Password?

The users often forget the login credentials of their Quicken software. But these login credentials can be easily restored and recovered. Just enter the required details like the registered email address, phone number and security question (if asked).

After entering the required details like the email address, a password or user ID recovery link will be sent on the mail address. Click on that link and proceed on to reset the password and user ID.

How secure is Quicken?

Quicken is completely aware of the safety issues. Quicken is also much concerned about keeping the data of the users safe with them in their databases. It is obvious that Quicken deals with the financial institutions and the bank details. Therefore, to keep all this vulnerable information safe, Quicken uses the industry grade security SSL certificates and moreover, Quicken uses 256-bit data encryption.