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Managing your money with Quicken

Quicken is a great and efficient billing and accounting software compatible with the Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. Quicken is the best money management and organizer software at present that is preloaded with lots of great features. You can view and pay all your bills and with up to 11000+ billers added to it. The most interesting feature of Quicken software is that it makes and presents the Pie charts of all our expenses and spending have done is monthly, annually or weekly. With the use of this accounting software, we can track our history of money spent and in turn, it helps is better management of the funds.

About us

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the easiest accounting and funds management tools that will be helpful in maintaining the account balances. The Primary objective of our company is to provide the users an exact idea about their income and expenses. It is only with the help of this software that a user can organize and use their money in a better-planned way.

The graphical representation and the charts used in this Quicken software let the user see his/her specific expenses. With the coordination of the banks, the bills can be paid automatically and user need not worry about the payments being made as the Quicken is much safe and secure to transact with as it has a 256-bit encryption embedded in it.

The Quicken software comes in with different series and versions for different uses. The list of Quicken software versions is listed below.

  • Quicken Starter pack
  • Quicken Home pack
  • Quicken Deluxe pack
  • Quicken Home and Business pack

Quicken for the windows and Mac

The Quicken Company has resorted to the annual subscription scheme applying to the Quicken Starter pack and all other packs up to the Quicken Home and Business pack.

What you need to do is just purchase the software CD or just buy the required software online. The annual or monthly subscription of the software is essential for the software working. The users of the Quicken software doesn’t need to worry about the usage of the software and other queries like the software signup and user details.

Below in this section, we will let you know about how to use, signup and install the Quicken software. Just follow the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Initially, the users need to purchase the CD of the Quicken software or they can simply purchase the subscription online from Quicken.com.
  2. Now, you need to create a user account or sign up assuming that you are using the Quicken software for the first time.
  3. After the user account is created, the user will be given with a Quicken ID (preferably the email id). You can log in to your Quicken mobile application through this Quicken ID.
  4. The next page will ask the user to activate the membership for this software. You can activate the membership of the software through the activation code provided at the time of purchasing the software (either electronically or through retailers).
  5. Now, click the Activation tab to activate the membership of this software.
  6. After the activation, then you will need to fill in the user details like the name, address etc. and complete the profile setup process.

Remember- You can synchronize the data of your previous version of the software if you are upgrading the Quicken software version. However, the new users don’t need to select the options of data synchronization as they will be using it for the first time.

Quicken Login

The Quicken login is quite an easy process. You can log in to your Quicken accounting through the Quicken mobile application on your smartphone and also through the Quicken website.

  • The user just needs to create the Quicken account first in which the username and password are to set up.
  • The username and password are the login credentials which are to be used for logging in to your Quicken software.
  • You can log in to your Quicken account remotely through the Quicken mobile application anywhere anytime through your smartphone or a tablet.
  • Just download the Quicken application from the Android play store. For Apple device users, the user needs to download the application for Apple’s play store.

Quicken Online Bill payment

The Quicken online bill pay is quite an easy process to use. The users just need to go through our easy and simple user guide to add the billers and do the Bill payment.

Following are some of the important instructions that the user should consider for the successful bill payment.

  • First of all, the user will need to add his/her account. This means that the user will need to specify the banking details to the Quicken like the bank name through which the user’s bank account is linked.
  • After the bank account details are linked with your Quicken account successfully, you will be prompted to choose the connection method between your bank account and the Quicken account.
  • The express method and the direct method- The direct method gives Quicken the full access to the bank details like showing the balances, dues etc. and simultaneously Quicken can pay for the EMIs and other Bills.
  • Now, the main job of Quicken online bill payment comes where the user needs to add the billers from the list where thousands of billers are listed. The user will be required to click on the biller he/she needs to add in the Quicken account.
  • Now, you need to link your bills to the biller web domains through the Quicken application.
  • After you have added up the biller and linked your bills with its website, you will receive the monthly, weekly or annual bills automatically. You can also select the option of auto payment of the bills through the direct method banking.

Pros of Quicken software

There are numerous advantages to this software. Some of the advantages of this great software are listed below.

  • Quicken can remind you of your due bills and also your income (monthly/weekly).
  • You can categorize your transactions easily. This means that all your expenses and income will be categorized through a PIE chart. This helps you in analyzing your expenses that were and how much are you spending your money.
  • You can create a new budget for yourself that suits you. You will be much aware of your expenses and the ways of managing them.
  • Data Access Guarantee
  • If you have been previously using the Quicken software tool, then you will have the privilege to access your old data anytime free of cost without any additional cost. Upon upgrading your existing Quicken software, you don’t need to worry about the data stored in your older version of the Quicken software.
  • Quicken can be used on the smartphone or a tablet also
  • Using Home tab lets you view the dashboard of your Quicken Bill payment page with just a single click.

Quicken online support

The Quicken online support can be accessed through the website i.e. http://Quicken.com/support. The customers can get the direct access to the troubleshooting of frequently asked questions through which almost all the queries of the users can be resolved.
The Quicken customers can contact our customer care support that is available 24*7.
Our customer care executives will be happy to help you. We provide some of the important and useful help about the password recovery and login issues etc.

Here is the Troubleshooting section for most of the frequently asked questions

What is a Quicken ID?

The Quicken ID is your Quicken access credential that is created when u create a Quicken account. This Quicken login ID is very crucial that enables the user to log in to the Quicken application.

What to do if the user forgets the login password of Quicken?

This can happen with anyone and a user can forget his/her Quicken login password. Then you don’t need to worry or panic about the issue. You need to click on the forget password tab and follow the instructions onscreen carefully to set up the new password again. You would have to answer some of the security questions to recover the password.

What if I see Oops! page not accessible prompt upon signing in the Quicken account?

This issue can occur anytime with anyone. What you can do is that try to sign in the application after a few minutes again. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, then try to log in again after a larger time gap. Another option you are left with is that you can try to check if the Quicken application is updated or not. If the application is outdated, then you need to update the Quicken application as soon as possible.

Can I install Quicken on more than one device?

Yes, you can install Quicken on more than one device. However, you will need to sign in to your Quicken application with the same Quicken ID on each of the devices where you need to use the application.

Can we link more than one bank account to our Quicken software?

Yes, definitely you can link more than one bank account to your Quicken software by clicking on the Add account tab on the top left portion of the homepage of the Quicken application. Users can add up as many accounts they want to but only a single bank account can be used to make transactions on the Quicken portal. The transactions can be like paying the bills of the billers, EMIs, credit card payments and phone bills etc.

How many Quicken software packs are available in the market and which one suits our needs?

There are basically four software packs from Quicken. They are as under:

  • Starter pack
  • Deluxe pack
  • Premier pack
  • Home and business pack

The suitability of the software packs depends upon the usage of the user. If a person wants to use some basic functions like expense management and account balance display etc. Then the user’s needs can be met with the Starter pack only.

However, if a user has some extra needs like investing the money and tracking all the stock markets and income etc. These are the high level features and require the Premier pack to Home and Business pack. The Home and Business pack is used for these high level uses.